Monday, August 18, 2014

Epic Camp Prologue

Before I get into the daily blog, I wanted to do a quick intro:
What is Epic Camp?  Epic Camp is an ironman triathlon training camp.  This particular camp in Canada is 12 days long, and over the course of the adventure, we will travel from Vancouver, BC to Calgary, AB.  The scheduled distance is over 850 miles of biking with additional "daily minimums" of five miles of running and 3000 meters of swimming.  There are also races for points and jerseys - similar to the Tour de France.
I heard about this in the early days of my triathlon career, and ever since I followed the Epic Camp France journey, I was hooked.  I HAD to do it.  When the Canada camp was announced, I signed up immediately.  The timing was perfect, and the venue was going to be amazing.  It also lines up perfectly with my training for Ironman Lake Tahoe on September 21.
And with that, let the games begin...

Day 1

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